writing your dissertation with a happy smile

Best Ideas for Dissertation Topics

Attaining your Master’s or Ph.D. can be a great academic fulfillment, but the process is nothing close to that. Besides making some sacrifices personally and professionally, the amount of work and effort required to write my paper may seem insurmountable. What makes it even more difficult is producing a dissertation by the end of the course before receiving a degree.

A dissertation requires a lot of research and can take months, if not a year, to finish. As a result, you would have to start early to avoid missing the deadline. One of the greatest challenges in writing a dissertation is coming up with a compelling topic relevant to your field of study. This article offers some topic ideas in different areas of disciplines. Before that, let’s briefly take you through how to go about your dissertation.

Making the dissertation writing easier

To reduce the burden and stress writing a dissertation comes with, you need to consider;

Time: writing a dissertation takes a lot of time due to its complexity and working with a supervisor who has other commitments. The back and forth and having to revise your work now and then makes the process long. Bear this in mind to avoid being disappointed if such things happen. To prevent missing the deadline, start early.

Research: Proper research is critical in every research work. Consider this when choosing your topic because when you select a topic with very research researchable contents, it will affect your project’s scope. Read widely and review as many as possible literature on the subject through an online search, journals, books, and releases.

Make a draft: After your research, come up with your first draft for the project. This is subject to reviews as you progress until you submit the final draft.

Compelling Topic Suggestions for your Dissertation

In choosing a topic, make sure it is relevant to your field of research, has enough literature to peruse, check its scope, and find out if it’s achievable.


  • Why cultural awareness can help you reach a deal
  • Bank ethics
  • Mediators’ role in financial disputes
  • Challenges that companies face when tryingto enforce international patent laws
  • The use of tax waivers by Governments to entice filmmakers into making movies in proposed regions


  • How to know you overspending on your employees’ development
  • Does diversity in Socio-culture improve leadership in work environments?
  • How to manage the commitment of workers in non-profit organizations
  • The use of Technology in management practices
  • How globalization influence management practices


  • Exploring the motivation theory in the classroom
  • How negativity towards studying affects students and the learning process
  • Education monitoring procedures in the 21st century
  • Enhancing career guidance in high school
  • Effective Models for innovation learning: All you need to know


  • Putting up lasting structures
  • Employing cultural meanings structural designs
  • Spending less on beautiful architectural buildings
  • Constructing serene spaces for patients in hospitals


  • The competitions in the UK supermarket retailing
  • Adopting marketing communication tools and its influences on customers accepting credits cards
  • Creating meaning to advertising using semiotics