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How to Fix Shortfalls in a Dissertation

How to Fix Shortfalls in a Dissertation

Getting stuck along the line when writing a dissertation can happen to everyone, including experts, and can happen at any stage. But the most important thing being able to overcome all the obstacles and come up with a masterpiece. In this article, we discuss how to overcome such struggles to put your work on track.

A dissertation is all about answering critical questions through research. You are probably stuck because you are not asking the right questions, or there is no question at all. You must, therefore, come up with your research questions before you start writing. It ensures that you stay focused without deviating from your main course.

How to start your dissertation

The best way to start any academic work is to do a thorough reading on your chosen subject. It is the best way to acquire new information and ideas to flow during writing. What should you read and from where?

Your focus should be on the selected topic and primarily read on the same. You can read recent publications, deliberations from conferences on the subject, journals, and internet sources. Reading broadens your horizon on the topic, gives you new perspectives, and acquires knowledge of recent developments in your area. In all, it is vital to check the authenticity of the contents you read to avoid misinformation.

What if you are short of ideas?

It sometimes happens that you’ve exhausted everything you know and don’t lack words and ideas during the writing process. You are not the first to have this experience and definitely not to last. When you get stuck this way, go back and do more research. If possible, you can change the research process. For instance, if you’ve been using journals and books all this while, try doing a web search too. There are various credible PhD dissertation help services to help you out.

What if your supervisor isn’t cooperating?

This can be very frustrating; nonetheless, it happens to most students. Some supervisors can be very busy due to personal and professional duties. If you have such a person, it means he/she wouldn’t have enough time to go through your work and correct you when needed. Nonetheless, you surely need to meet the submission deadline.

You can prevent this from happening if you take an interest in knowing who your supervisor is and their schedules. You can then plan with him/her on when and how frequently you can meet. If you didn’t do this from the start and your supervisor has proven to be non-cooperative, you can fall on a co-supervisor to help you through.

Work, work, and work

Sometimes you need to make huge sacrifices to achieve something great. Dissertation writing can be a huge burden but a great fulfillment. To avoid getting stuck, you always need to work on your project. At least every day, you need to add something to it, re-read through, and make changes where necessary. Being consistent with it limits the probability of losing focus and interest.

Also, keep editing your work as many times as possible. As you continue to research, new ideas may crop up and may need inclusion. If such happens, don’t hesitate to include them. Secondly, you should edit to ensure your grammar and comprehension are on point. 

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