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How to Write the Significance of the Study for Dissertation

How to Write the Significance of the Study for Dissertation

Graduate students are expected to write a dissertation when completing their doctorate program. It is academic writing rooted in independent research which could serve as the ticket to your next career level. The significance of study is an important part of your dissertation because it explains the importance of the research on the grand scale of things. This guide shares insight into how to write significance of the study in your dissertation.

Significance of the study in dissertation

When writing your dissertation, the significance of the study informs the readers on how your research will contribute to the field of study. You may consider the following factors.

  • The problem statement

The statement of the problem in your work can be a guide to identifying the contribution that your research serves to society. It also enables you to determine the beneficiaries of the outcome resulting from your research.

  • Existing literature

It is acknowledged that there may be existing literature in your field of study. You should be able to convince your readers that the significance of the study in dissertation will add value to the existing literature.

  • Societal benefit

Students that intend to obtain a doctorate must ensure that their research benefits society at large. The significance of the study in research should highlight the results to enable the readers to familiarise themselves with the research.

  • Be specific in your analysis

It is not enough to highlight the benefits of your dissertation significance of study. You should specify the category of persons directly benefiting from the research.

  • Significance to future studies

Your significance of study should specify how your dissertation will support research in your field and help the students in the future to develop their research topics.

Guidelines for writing significance of study dissertation

The significance of the study is written in the introductory chapter of your dissertation. You may consider reading through other significance of the study examples before working on your dissertation. The examples are guided by the standard writing tips, which include:

  1. Use an inverted pyramid

When writing about how your dissertation contributes to society, discuss the general contributions, and narrow it down to a specific group. For instance, if you are researching the effect of vaccination on the physical strength of menial workers in a particular geographical location, you can discuss the benefits of your research to society, to the geographical location, to labor employers, and to the menial workers.

  1. Be concise

The significance of the study should be clear and easy to understand. It is apparent that during your research, your vocabulary will improve but do not use your dissertation as a tool to display your intellectual prowess with words.  Avoid wordy phrases and lengthy sentences. You can use the internet or other software to find synonyms to replace wordy phrases.

  1. Visualize the significance of study

Individuals tend to underestimate the power of visualization. However, it is proven that when you visualize your dissertation, it will be easier to identify beneficiaries and address how your research can be applied in society to improve the conditions of human existence and interaction with the environment.

  1. Review your draft

When researching, you should have an open mind toward any changes you may have to make to your drafts. There are chances that you may want to revise the dissertation to reflect any subsequent variable. This adaptability skill enables you to boost the authenticity of your dissertation when published for global consumption. 

  1. Get help

Individuals experience writer’s block when working on their dissertations. It is recommended that you ask your advisor or supervisor for insights when evaluating the significance of your research to your field of study. You can also get clarity while discussing the topic with friends or colleagues. When you ask the right questions, you can stay on course and improve the quality of your output.


Dissertation writing is a significant milestone in your life because of its opportunities. When you apply the tips in this guide, you should be able to measure progress in fulfilling your doctorate program. It can boost your visibility as you gain expertise in your field of interest.

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